Sunday, 29 April 2012

Keys to Determining My Imbalance

| Discovering Myself in My Dosha |

Face Location

If my skin problems persist on my…
Nose and cheeks: pitta imbalance
Mouth, chin and neck: kapha imbalance

Emotional and Physical Links

If I see symptoms of…
Crow’s feet à weak eyesight, weak liver
Purple discoloration under eyes à poor blood circulation
Red nose tip à overworked heart
Deep vertical line in chin à grief, frustration, high sex drive

Growth, Illness and Drug Usage

How drugs that I use affect my symptoms…
Aspirin results in reduced blood volumes à aggravates vata
Coffee and alcohol expand blood vessels, causing acne, a red nose and swollen capillaries à aggravates pitta

* Please reference Absolute Beauty by Dr. Raichur to discover the physical keys to your skin imbalance. 

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