Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Results of My Skin Imbalance Quiz

 | Discovering Myself in My Dosha |

My skin condition is described as: large, whitish, pussy eruptions; sometimes with itching and scarring.
·      Kapha quality

The problem appears primarily on my: T-zone and/or cheeks/mouth, chin and neck area.
·      Pitta and kapha qualities

My skin imbalance falls into the: Kapha-pitta category

My problem tends to recur or get worse when: my period is due.
·      Kapha quality

My problem is affected when the weather is: hot/ cold and damp.
·      Pitta and kapha qualities

My problem tends to recur or get worse under stress, especially when I feel: anxious, worried and fearful/frustrated/sad, depressed and overly attached
·      Vata, pitta and kapha qualities

I tend to eat or drink a lot of: caffeine/juice, sweets, fatty or fried foods, dairy and cheese.
·      Vata and kapha qualities

My behaviors are aggravating: kapha

My problem appeared or worsened at the time of: puberty.

I use drugs and/or stimulants, including: antibiotics, aspirin, alcohol, coffee, decongestants.

My dosha group is: (2) problem due to an imbalance of two doshas

This quiz helps narrow down some of the cause and effect factors in any imbalance you may be experiencing. It further solidifies what dosha your body may contain the most of, presuming an imbalance of it, however, sometimes a person can be predominately one dosha, say vata, but may be experiencing symptoms of a, say, pitta imbalance from overconsumption of spicy foods or emotional tendencies to act out in anger and frustration. Thus, that person would want to consider the next steps to take in pacifying the excess pitta. Your plan of action for healing will depend on what your body is telling you. Listen to it.

* Please reference Absolute Beauty by Dr. Raichur to discover your skin imbalance. 

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