Thursday, 3 May 2012

Balancing the Dosha Properties

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We’ve discussed the different properties that make up each dosha, as well as the principle of “like increases” like where the more you consume or expose your body to properties that make up your dosha constitution, the more you will suffer from increasing imbalance symptoms, as your body already naturally produces an excess of your dosha’s properties.
As a kapha, I naturally want to steer away from extra oily, heavy and dense foods, habits and products. I will want to make an extra effort to surround myself with the properties that balance the oiliness, heaviness and sluggishness of kapha, as you will see below in the tables that show how each dosha property is balanced by its opposite. You will want to observe your own body processes and tendencies to see where you may be imbalanced so that you can gravitate towards the elements that will help re-center you.

Balancing Constituency and Dominant Senses
Kapha is: water and earth, which translates to taste and smell.
To balance, kapha needs: space, air and fire, which translates to touch, hearing and sight.
Pitta is: fire and water, which translates to sight and taste.
To balance, pitta needs: space, air and earth, which translates to touch, hearing and smell.
Vata is: space and air, which translates to touch and hearing.
To balance, vata needs: earth, fire and water, which translates to smell, sight and taste.

Balancing Feelings, Textures and Environments
Kapha is: heavy, cold, oily, slow, dense, and static.
To balance, kapha needs: light, hot, dry, sharp, dispersing, and mobile.
Pitta is: hot, light, sharp, acidic, fluid, and slightly oily
To balance, pitta needs: cold, heavy, slow, bitter, static, and astringent
Vata is: dry, cold, light, rough, dispersing, quick, and astringent
To balance, vata needs: oily, hot, heavy, lubricating, dense, and stable

Balancing Tastes
Kapha is: sweet (desserts, fruits and grains), salty (vegetables, seaweeds and chips) and sour (berries)
To balance, kapha needs: pungent (spices), bitter (greens), astringent (mint, crisp vegetables)
Pitta is: acidic (tomatoes and citrus fruits), spicy (hot spices), and pungent (spices)
To balance, pitta needs: bitter (greens), astringent (mint, crisp and cooling vegetables) and sweet (desserts, fruits and grains)
Vata is: crisp (light vegetables, crackers) and astringent (mint, crisp vegetables)
To balance, vata needs: oily (avocados and some fried foods) and salty (vegetables, seaweeds and chips)

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