Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Other Dosha Beauty Recipes and Practices

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These recipes were created by: Dr. Pratima Raichur

Body Cleansing
Mix equal parts chick pea flour + dry milk powder in a plastic spice jar. Sprinkle 2 tsp. body cleanser into palm of hand, add some water to make a thin paste, and scrub lightly over wet skin in shower. Rinse off and pat dry.
Body Nourishing and Moisturizing
Mix 1 oz. almond oil + 10 drops essential oil appropriate for your constitution (lavender). Massage on wet skin following shower.
Hair Shampooing
Make strong herbal decoction using sage, bay leaf, or rosemary. Make shampoo using 8 parts herbal decoction + 1 part liquid olive soap. Shampoo as usual. Massage scalp with 2 drops lavender or rosemary essential oil before drying. For added shine, follow shampoo with hair rinse made of the juice of ½ lemon in 1 cup water.
Hair Conditioning
Make paste with 1 tsp. each triphala, neem, sandalwood and licorice powders + 10 tsp. water. Apply paste to dry scalp, leave on for ½ hour, rinse thoroughly with warm lemon water.
Eye Washing
Blink often, periodically roll eyes, shut eyes for awhile every hour, massage with almond or olive oil + few drops rose or sandalwood essential oil.
Sparkle and tone: Make eye wash of fennel or eye bright tea. When the tea has cooled, pour into shallow bowl and blink/bathe each eye for thirty seconds.
Bloodshot relief: dip cotton pads in rosewater, lie down and place pads on closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.
Thicker lashed and brows: put touch of olive oil on them nightly
Body Bathing
            Thirty Minute Home Spa Treatment and Bath
Make body mask using a thin paste of ground almonds + wheat flour + lentil powder + water. Rub paste all over body and let dry. Brush off with towel to exfoliate.
Massage body with sesame oil + 1 pinch turmeric powder to stimulate circulation, strengthen agni, improve ojas.
Take warm bath for 15-20 minutes, adding to the bath water: 5-6 drops lavender, rosemary or lemon oil (for oily skin).
After bath, pat dry and use body oil to nourish and moisturize skin.

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