Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Summary of the Dosha Qualities

| Discovering Myself in My Dosha |

You’ve seen how the doshas interact with our bodies, mimicking nature’s forces and creating disparate imbalances between our physical expressions and optimal health. The dosha is, essentially, an imbalance, and stays with a person for their entire life. This is not a bad thing! This is simply how we were created with the unique tendencies and traits that make us who we are. It’s important to put into perspective when we feel we have an imbalance that needs adjusted and allowing ourselves the freedom to enjoy our differences.
Below are links to a website that provides one of the most in-depth listings of each dosha’s key characteristics. You can visit each link to see how each dosha really functions and the different traits that are most prevalently attached to each one.

Kapha Key Characteristics

Pitta Key Characteristics

Vata Key Characteristics

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